Questions Policy

Questions Policy


Any user can answer any question posted on Civically. There are just a few pointers to keep in mind.

Stick to the scope of the question

Normally someone is asking a question because they need a specific answer. Their question may raise other issues you are interested in, but for ‘Answers’ stick to the scope of the question being asked. You can raise associated issues a Comment on an answer, or in a seperate Question or Discussion.

Sometimes there are multiple right answers

Some questions have multiple answers. If you think the existing answers to the question are not the whole picture you should add your answer, even if another answer has received many votes. Other users may find your answer useful when they want to ask a similar question.

Giving legal advice

The rules about who can give legal advice, and how that advice can be given, change between jurisdictions. If you are a lawyer, you should first find the relevant rules in your jurisdiction before giving advice in response to a specific fact scenario.

Civically, and those who work for Civically, does not provide legal advice.