Events Policy

Events Policy


What kind of events can be posted

Any civic event can be posted, including:

  • Council meetings
  • Festivals
  • Elections
  • Community group meetup
  • Protests
  • Classes at a community centre or library

Events run by a commercial entity for the purposes of promotion or profit cannot be posted on Civically and will be removed by moderators, unless the event organisers can demonstrate a civic benefit or civic aspect to their event.

An example of a commercial event that may have a civic benefit is a food festival in a public place, featuring multiple third party vendors, which is run by a commercial entity. Such events will be judged by place moderators on a case by case basis.

Events run by a non-profit entity for the purposes of promotion or profit are allowed, providing the non-profit entity has a civic role or affiliation.

Events with an ideological aspect or for a particular cause are allowed, as long as they also have a civic aspect to them, which will be judged by the place or site moderators.

Users who post non-complying events will be warned by moderators, and banned if they persist.

Who can post events

Events can be posted by any user. If they are posted by someone other than the event organiser and the event organiser wishes to have control over the event topic, they will be made the owner of the event topic by the place moderator.