Civically Place

Civically Place



Description: Contains the Place functionality for Civically

Status: Currently live on

The Place Plugin contains all the logic that orientates the user’s experience around a particular category for the place user lives in. This is perhaps the most important Civically-specific plugin, and it integrates with, or is used by, almost every other Civically plugin.

From a general perspective, this plugin:

  • Requires the user to set their home place, or start a place petition if their home place is not currently on Civically. It also adds admin controls, allowing an admin to update a user’s place (without any restraints).

  • Modifies the discovery navigation to bring the user back to their place in various circumstances.

  • Adds a place widget that lists the Events, Groups, Ratings and Petitions for each place.

  • Integrates with the Locations Plugin to associate location data with places.

  • Adds the Place Petition wizard, which automatically creates a new place petition upon completion.

Generalisation Notes

The generalised form of this plugin would be some kind of ‘Category Oriented Discourse Plugin’, for an instance that, like Civically, wanted to centre each user’s experience around specific categories.

What aspects of the plugin would be made optional settings (or removed), such as the association of locations with categories, could differ depending on how the generalised form of the plugin is conceived.