Civically Navigation

Civically Navigation



Description: Adds map navigation widget and modifications to the Custom Layouts plugin

Status: Currently live on

The main feature in this plugin is the Map navigation widget.

The map navigation widget uses the map widget in the Locations Plugin to display:

  • Place bounding boxes when viewing a place topic list
  • Place markers (circles) when viewing a list involving multiple places
  • Location markets (pins) when viewing a topic associated with a particular location (e.g. an event).

The expanded view of the widget shows a full screen map to make it easier to use. The search input allows the user to search for any place in Civically (which should also be on the map itself).

The primary function of the map nav widget is to give the user a sense of geographical context, and place, when they are using Civically. It would be possible to have a geographical regions, i.e. places, in a standard dropdown nav, however this would lack a sense of spatial context that a map provides.

The map nav is not intended to be a replacement or competitor with mapping services like Google or Apple maps. While it is used to pinpoint locations, such as for events, again this is more to give the user an immediate sense of spatial context, rather than act as a definitive guide to how to actually find a location.