Civically Menus

Civically Menus



Description: Modifies the menus and header section of Civically

Status: Currently live on


There are two main parts to this plugin, menu modifications and header title modifications.

The menu modifications:

  • Control the items in the hamburger (site) menu. This is necessary to maintain the goal of the Civically UX to centre the user experience around their home place, rather than around the site as a whole.

  • Minor modifications to the user menu. Such as adding an link to user/apps.

The header title modifications add a linked page title to the right of the logo for the following routes:

  • When in a category list, or a topic with a category, the category name is shown

  • When in the app store or on a landing page the page title is show

Generalisation Notes

The goal is to make all Civically plugins general Discourse plugins. For this plugin, the main move here would be to create a plugin around having a dynamic title in the header. The hamburger menu modifications are not generalisable and not suitable for a plugin.

For the header title modifications it would be necessary to have admin controls to specify which routes or types of routes the header title should appear, and perhaps what the title should contain.