Civically Landing Page

Civically Landing Page



Description: Adds static landing pages to civically

Status: Currently live on


The static landing pages include the homepage (/start) and type-specific overviews (/citizens, /governments and /organisations). They also include the following features:

  • A map of all current and petitioned-for places

  • An embedded signup form

  • A contact modal with different inputs for different types of contacts.

When submitted, the contact modal sends the contact details to the site contact email address.

Generalisation Notes

The goal is to make all Civically plugins general Discourse plugins. For this plugin, some relevant notes are:

  • This plugin is interconnected with the Civically Place Plugin and the Discourse Locations plugin. Any interconnected logic will need to be isolated.

  • All Civically-specific wording and content needs to be moved to translation files and settings.

  • Add an admin UI to allow for the adding and editing of landing pages via the admin panel.