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Civically App



Description: Adds a in-line topic title composer to the top of Discovery streams and a composer component system for different steps in the topic compose process.

Status: live on

Purpose and Features

The in-line topic compose is intended to make it easy for users to begin the process of posting a new topic.
It also functions as a second form of search targeted at steering users away from creating similar or duplicate topics. It prompts the user to begin the process of creating their topic by adding a title, which is then subject to a title search before the user can continue.

The title compose and navigation functionality is isolated from the content that appears in each ‘step’ of topic creation. Each step is a separate component, meaning that more steps can be added by creating new components.

For more technical topics, such as the description of legal problems, one can envisage many interconnected steps in the topic creation process.

Currently, the in-line topic compose only plays a partial role in topic creation, as the composition of the first post still occurs in the normal Discourse composer. There are a few reasons why this approach was taken for the initial version:

  • It allows the user to review topic composition in full before posting it.

  • It is tricky to insert the composer textarea inline above the discovery topic list and retain a decent UX.

Generalisation Notes

The goal is to make all Civically plugins general Discourse plugins. For this plugin, some relevant notes are:

  • This plugin is interconnected with the Custom Layouts Plugin. That interconnection needs clearer definition.

  • Make sure there is no interconnected Civically Place Plugin logic.

  • All Civically-specific wording and content needs to be moved to translation files and settings.